Carry Your Golf Club Safely With Frontier Airlines 

If the idea of extending the boundaries of your golf ground is running in your mind and you are looking for an airline that can help you carry your golf kit and idea both, then you are at the right place. Frontier Airlines is helping athletes who want to consolidate their game by gaining experience in different boundaries and elevating their performance skills with their golf club policies and guidelines.

Frontier Airlines is ready to have you on their well-maintained and tailored flights for a safe and secure journey with your golf club. You can rely on them for particular sports items and fly without worries.

Guidelines For Carrying Golf Club With Frontier Airlines

Frontier is ready to add your golf club to its other items, but only if you obey the airline’s golf club guidelines. We have mentioned the golf club guidelines below, which you can follow to bring it without creating any mess at the end:

  • If the golf bag’s weight exceeds 40 IBS, a fee for overweight will apply.
  • The golf club will be accepted as a piece of regular checked baggage.
  • You will get an extra 30 minutes for check-in.
  • Pack your golf bag safely to avoid loss and damage.

Limitations On Golf Club Size And Weight 

If you are ready to bring your golf club with Frontier Airlines, you must be attentive to the guidelines and limitations on golf clubs directly applied by Frontier during check-in.  To avoid the chaos, go through the guidelines below for a hassle-free journey ahead:-

  • It will not be accepted if your baggage weight exceeds the limit of 100 pounds and the dimension (length+breadth+height ) exceeds 110 inches.
  • The weight of the golf bag should be, at most, the limit of 18.1 kg (40 pounds). 
  • The bag’s total dimensions, including the handle, straps, and wheels, should be at most 62 inches. 

Fees And Extra Charges For Golf Club By Frontier 

If your bag is all set to carry your sports equipment but needs to know the charges for holding it, do not worry. We have mentioned all the details so that you can check whether your sports equipment bag follows Frontier Airlines’ guidelines. 

  • If the bag exceeds the weight limit of 100 pounds, the bag will be rejected. 
  • If you carry a bag weighing between 41 and 50 pounds, you must pay 50 dollars per bag.
  • If your bag weighs between 51 and 100 pounds, you are required to pay 100 dollars for a single bag. 

Ways Of Keeping Golf Club Safe While Flying 

While flying, you will hardly have time to protect the golf club from damage, but it does not mean that damaging it is okay. To keep stuff safe, we have mentioned some ways below that you can go through in order to keep all the equipment safe throughout the journey:- 

1. Keep Equipment In A Solid Bag 

It is important to keep it inside a waterproof, solid-structure bag that can keep it safe for a long time. You can also check out various brands that produce bags, particularly golf clubs. Choosing a strong bag to keep the golf club safe is the first and foremost method you should not miss out on. 

2. Use Leftover Space

When you pack your golf club in the bag, you will notice that some areas are left empty, especially the top side of the bag. To keep the golf club away from damage and avoid rubbing, you can use some soft material to cover that leftover space at the top of your bag. This will avoid the fraction between them and will keep them safe. Do not avoid the trick of protecting the golf club, which requires less effort and is effective, too.

3. Choose A Direct Flight

Booking a single and direct flight for the itinerary is impossible every time you carry your golf club with you, but it is an effective method to keep your golf club safe. Changing your flight to reach a particular destination can damage the golf club, so it is better to book a single and direct flight to reach the desired location. It will help you keep the stuff safe.

4. Keep The Head Aside

One of the most effective ways to keep the golf club safe is to remove their heads and keep them in a different pocket of the bag; you can do so as it can avoid contact between the head of the club and the fraction that usually causes damage. You can quickly wrap the upper part of the golf club with a soft cloth or any stuff of your choice and keep the heads aside by keeping it in a small bag or pocket. This method will help you avoid the damage.

In A Nutshell

Hopefully, you would have understood how to carry your golf club if you were going to depart with the frontier airlines. From the limitation on the size and weight of the golf club to the required charges to pay, we have covered every detail essential to know while carrying the golf equipment. You can contact the airline’s representatives for a detailed overview of the golf club guidelines and policies.

People May Also Ask

Do golf clubs get damaged on planes?

If you do not carry the golf clubs carefully, they can get damaged, although some tricks, such as using a durable bag and removing heads, can help you protect the golf club.

Should I lock my golf bag when flying?

If your bag has a lock system, you can surely use it to avoid damage. Using high-tech and advanced bags is a good way of keeping your golf club safe.  

Will I be able to carry my bag while traveling with Frontier Airlines if it exceeds the limit of 18.1 kg?

No, you are not allowed to carry a bag that exceeds the limit of 18.1 kg. This is against Frontier Airlines’ guidelines in the context of golf club policies. 

Will my golf club bag be accepted if it exceeds the limit of 100 pounds?

No, the bag will be rejected if it exceeds the limit of 100 pounds. 

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