Carrying Golf Club on Southwest Airlines? Know This Before You Fly!

If you are a golf enthusiast and planning to transport your golf clubs securely on Southwest flights, then you might be worrying about their safety, right? Set your dilemma aside and understand the guidelines for securely carrying Golf clubs on Southwest Airlines to your desired destination. 

In this article, we will let you know about the easy-to-understand policy of Southwest Airlines that will include the size and weight limit of the Golf clubs along with the ticket price. So, scroll down to learn further details and make your travel effortless.

Policy For Carrying Golf Clubs On Southwest Flights

On Southwest Airlines, customers are allowed to carry two checked bags at no additional cost. If your Golf Baggage is within the weight and size limit, it will be counted as free checked baggage. If your Southwest Airlines Golf Bags exceeds the limit you will need to pay the extra charges as per the airline’s baggage policy.

Golf Bags

Size and weight Limit of the Golf Bags 

The charges for carrying overweight or oversized Golf equipment are calculated on the basis of various factors. The rates may also differ by the destination you are arriving at.

  • The weight of the Golf Bags must not exceed 50 pounds.
  • Passengers are allowed to carry Golf Clubs for free only if their dimensions are within 62 inches.

Important Note: Oversized Golf Baggage is subject to an extra baggage fee.

Golf Clubs Charges

The charges for carrying a Golf Clubs are mentioned below:

  • No extra charges apply if your Golf Baggage is within the size and weight limit.
  • If the Golf equipment exceeds up to 80 inches, you will be charged $125 per bag.
  • Overweighted Golf Baggage that weighs up to 51-70 lbs is charged $100 per bag. On the other hand, if the baggage is between 71-100 lbs, you have to pay $125 for each bag.

Wrapping it Up!

Now, you are all set to carry your Golf Bag on a Southwest flight. The above guidebook comprises all the relevant information on the terms and conditions for traveling with your Golf equipment. But if you still need clarification, you are free to contact the airline’s staff, and they will be glad to resolve your query within no time.

Passengers May Also Ask!

Do I have to pay extra charges for carrying Golf on Southwest flights?

Yes. Passengers need to purchase extra tickets to transport their golf clubs that exceed the size and weight limit to their desired destination.

Does Southwest Airlines allow passengers to carry Golf bags on board?

Yes. You can transport your golf equipment with you on a Southwest flight.

What is the weight limit for Southwest Airlines Golf Bag?

Southwest Airlines permits flyers to carry Golf Clubs that should weigh at most 50 lbs.

What are the standard charges for Golf Clubs on Southwest?

According to the airline’s policy, the fee for transporting the Golf Club will depend on the extra weight and size.

What are the maximum dimensions of the Golf Club I can carry with Southwest Airlines?

The size limit of Golf Clubs on Southwest is 62 inches.

Does Southwest Airlines charge for golf club bags?

Yes, Southwest Airlines only charges an additional fee if your golf bag is more than 50 pounds in weight.

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