Delta Airlines Golf Club Policy (Full Guide)

Delta Airlines Golf Clubs Policy in 2023

Delta Airlines Golf Club policy allows passengers to check with one golf bag each, as a standard artifact of checked luggage. As long as the equipment is packed and placed safely, and meets the airlines’ size and weight requirements, there won’t be a problem in Baggaes.

NOTE: Carrying Standard Equipment May be Subject to Charges.

Delta Golf Clubs Checked Luggage Requirements: Size and Weight

Standard baggage fees and allowance are based on certain factors, including, but not limited to, the region you are traveling to or the type of class/cabin you are flying in.

●       Golf bags weighing more than 50 lbs are subject to excess baggage fees.

●       Excess baggage allowance items are subject to additional/overweight charges.

●       Delta will not accept the items if the linear dimensions (length + width + height) exceed 115 inches.

Flying with Golf Clubs on Delta Airlines: What Golfers Need to Know?

Golf enthusiasts often face the dilemma of transporting their Golf Clubs safely and securely. If you love golf and want to carry your Delta Airlines Golf Clubs with , it’s important that you understand the airlines’ rules, including how heavy your Delta golf bag can be, any associated charges, and the best ways to pack your Delta golf clubs.

We’ll explain Delta Airlines golf clubs policy in easy terms. So, by the end of this article, you will have the information you need to fly trouble-free with your Golf Clubs.

What does Delta Golf Bag Hold?

One checked Golf Bag may include the following items:

●       1 Golf Bag

●       1 Set of Golf Clus

●       Golf Balls and T-Shirts

●       Single Pair of Golf Shoes

What are the Golf Club Luggage Restrictions?

Passengers must pack their Golf Club objects in a persistent and hard-shell traveling case. Otherwise, a Golf’s case with soft side should be used for travel. It’s crucial to keep in mind that any damage caused during/after the check-ins will not be the responsibility of Delta Airlines. Hence, the passangers will not be entitled to any sort of compensation for the same.

If the passenger flying with Golf Clubs Delta over-packs the Golf Club Bag he/she will be solely responsible for (if any) further consequences incurred.

What is the Associated Delta Golf Club Cost?

The Delta Airlines Golf Club policy Cost for Main Cabin passengers and Delta Comfort+®, flying within the United States, without the Medallion Status, American Express Card, Delta SkyMiles, or Active Military (Exceptions) is as follows:

●       The first standard checked baggage weighing not more than 50 lbs will cost 30 USD for each way. You can carry one free carry-on and a personal item with this purchase.

●       For the second standard checked baggage weighing not more than 50 lbs will cost 40 USD (Each way).


This article headlined “Flying with Golf Clubs Delta” contains all the crucial information about flying with your Golf equipment. Nevertheless, for more queries and further particulars, please get in touch with the Airlines directly,For information abour Delta airlines Offices Globally must have look.

Inquiry Hub!

1. Are Golf Clubs free on Delta?

No, Golf Clubs are subject to fees on Delta Airlines flights.

2. Does Delta charge extra for golf bags?

Yes, standard baggage fees apply for carrying Golf Bags with Delta.

3. Can I take golf clubs on Delta Airlines?

Delta Airlines allows Passengers to bring Golf Club on a Flight.

4. How much does Delta charge for Golf bags?

There are some extra charges for golf bags it may varies according to situation.

5. How much does Delta charge for Golf clubs?

Delta may charge for Golf Clubs.

6. What are the size and weight requirements for Delta Golf Clubs?

The Golf Clubs should weigh up to 50 lbs only and should not exceed the linear dimensions of 115 inches (L*W*H).

7. What items/does One Checked Golf Bag should include to fly with Delta?

One checked bag may include 1 Golf Bag, 1 Set of Golf Clubs, Golf Balls and T-shirts, and a single Pair of Golf Shoes.

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