JetBlue Golf Clubs Policy

JetBlue Golf Clubs Policy

Are you all set to play your favorite sport at your next travel destination? No wonder you could also be excited for an upcoming golf tournament. So, if you are slated to fly through a JetBlue flight, you must be finding it tricky. JetBlue Golf Clubs Policy is recommended as per a stringent policy defined by the airline.

Flying with Golf Clubs on JetBlue

JetBlue allows you to bring golf clubs just as checked baggage. Thus, the JetBlue Golf Clubs Policy fee is as standard as that of your checked bag. Your golf bag may consist of up to 14 golf clubs, 3 golf balls, and 1 pair of golf shoes. The airline advises you to pack golf equipment in a hard-sided container. Soft-sided bags can also be brought. However, the airline will not bear the responsibility for any damage caused to your golf bag.

On the other hand, if the weight of a golf bag goes more than the allowed limit i.e., 50 pounds or 22.68 kg, you will have to pay extra charges. Hence, the JetBlue golf bag fee may increase in such a scenario. The overall dimensions must also be less than or up to 62 inches or 157.48 cm (length + width + height).

Additional fee for overweight golf bag

●       US$150/£120/€140 will be applicable per bag if the weight lies between 51 and 99 pounds (23.13 – 44.91 kg).

●       Bags with weight exceeding 99 pounds or 44.91 kg will not be allowed at all.

Additional fee for oversized golf bag

●       US$150/£120/€140 will be applicable per bag if the dimensions lie between 63 and 80 inches (160 – 203.3 cm), with wheels and handles.

●       Any bag that exceeds 80 inches or 203.3 cm in size will not be accepted at all.

Therefore, you must take note of JetBlue golf bag rules, conditions, or guidelines. The customer service team of the airline is available to assist you and provide comprehensive information about traveling with golf clubs on JetBlue, including how to submit a request and the necessary paperwork.. You can also browse through the website of JetBlue.

As far as the packing and processing of the golf bag at the airport are concerned, it is beneficial to explore certain precautions. This will help you pack your golf equipment in the bag properly and lessen the chances of damage. In addition, you must reach the airport in advance as you never know the check-in procedure for your golf bag could take more time than expected. 

Once you show required documentation at the check-in counter and fulfil all the formalities, you will easily go ahead with your golf bag. Make sure to seek guidance from the airport staff for any help. You must even make it a point to keep the golf bag at its dedicated storage area on the flight while confirming the related aspects from the crew.

Alternatives for Shipping Golf Clubs

No doubt, carrying golf clubs with you is convenient and you get your equipment after reaching the destination. After all, it’s a part of your flight journey. However, you may consider alternatives to transporting golf clubs to the location you are visiting.

If you prefer to travel light and don’t wish to carry the baggage or stress of travel in mind, you can opt for renting or shipping golf clubs to your destination location.

You may avail of rental services offered by various golf resorts or courses. They vouch for the quality of golf clubs whether you wish to use them every day or several times in a single day. You can explore rental options and compare their plans while choosing the best one for your requirements.

You can also make an arrangement to ship your golf bag directly to your destination. There are high-end shipping services designed exclusively for the transportation of sports equipment.

Such options can certainly get you rid of the hassle of carrying golf clubs with you on a flight. This can simply enhance your travel experience as you can absolutely focus on the ease of relishing a great air journey and not taking stress for any burden.

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Concluding Thoughts

So, you can definitely bring golf clubs on JetBlue flights, but you need to comply with the rules and restrictions. You must be aware of the standard charges, along with the size and weight limitations defined for checked bags. This is because JetBlue advises you to follow the same policy for bringing your sports equipment such as golf bags. Although we are sure you will safely carry your golf clubs on a JetBlue flight, we have also suggested some alternatives to get your golf clubs at the destination without taking them along with you.


Here are answers to some of the important queries related to flying with golf clubs on JetBlue flights.

How much does JetBlue charge for golf clubs?

You need to pay standard charges as that of a checked bag. JetBlue considers your sports equipment as a checked bag. Thus, you need to follow the same size and weight limits. Your golf clubs or bag must not weigh more than 50 pounds.

What is the JetBlue golf club cost?

The cost for a golf club or bag set by JetBlue is the same as that of the checked baggage. You need to pay extra charges if your golf bag weighs more than 50 pounds or the overall dimensions go more than 62 inches.

What is the JetBlue golf bag weight limit?

Passengers are permitted to bring a golf bag of up to 50 pounds or 22.68 kg. If you exceed the defined limit, you will have to pay additional charges.

Can I check golf clubs on JetBlue?

Yes, you need to check golf clubs while proceeding for a JetBlue flight as these are considered as checked baggage by the airline.

Are golf clubs oversized baggage JetBlue?

The weight and size restrictions defined for checked bags by JetBlue are the same for golf bags taken on its flights. Oversized or overweight golf bags will incur additional costs.

Are golf travel bags considered oversize for JetBlue?

JetBlue will deem a golf travel bag overweight if its weight exceeds the specified 50 pounds limit. It is therefore advised that you keep your golf bag within the weight restriction in order to prevent paying extra charges.

Does JetBlue charge extra for golf clubs?

JetBlue charges extra for golf clubs only when their size or weight is more than the defined limits. You are recommended to bring a golf bag with weight less than or up to 50 pounds. The total dimensions (with wheels and handles) must also be less than or up to 62 inches. Otherwise, extra charges will be applicable for the same.

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