Spirit Airlines Golf Clubs Policy – Complete Guide

Spirit Airlines Golf Clubs

You may not be a sports lover or an athlete but you may be a fond golfer or a golf participant in tournaments. You must also be aware of certain challenges that come along with carrying your clubs on flights. If you are dubious about flying with golf clubs on Spirit Airlines, we have got you covered with all the necessary details in this comprehensive blog. 

Whether you are heading with golf clubs to your friend’s home or it’s a much-awaited tournament just around the corner, you must be cautious about the relevant policies and procedures defined by Spirit Airlines. 

Go ahead, discover, and proceed effortlessly with your favorite golf clubs on the air journey.

Spirit Airlines Golf Clubs Policies for Traveling 

Spirit Airlines allows passengers to bring golf clubs, but as a part of their checked baggage. Besides, this is subject to certain size and weight restrictions. 

You can carry a checked golf bag with a maximum weight of 40 pounds which is 18.1 kg. The maximum linear dimensions (length + width + height) should also not be more than 62 inches (including wheels and handles). This is what the airline has defined for carrying checked bags.

As per Spirit Airlines, your one golf bag is the golf equipment which can have a maximum of 14 golf clubs. Also, there must not be more than 12 golf balls and you are allowed to pack a pair of golf shoes. Bringing a pull cart is also allowed. 

The size of golf equipment can be a bit big. However, if it goes more than 40 pounds, it will incur additional charges, as given below.

  • If it weighs between 41 and 50 lbs. (18 – 23 kg), you need to pay US$79 more.
  • If the weight is from 51 to 100 lbs. (23 – 45 kg), you need to pay US$125 more.

This is all about the Spirit golf bag fee. Checked bags whose weight goes beyond 100 pounds i.e., 45 kg, or those with over 80 linear inches i.e., 203 cm measurement will not be allowed to be taken on Spirit Airlines flights. 

Thus, you are recommended to abide by these policies including the Spirit Airlines golf bag weight restriction before heading on your travel journey. You may also have to face denial at the airport to carry such items onboard if you fail to proceed as per the same. 

Apparently, Spirit Airlines or any other airline you choose to travel with, may introduce amendments or modifications in its policies. Hence, you are suggested to check and confirm the same every time you plan to fly with your golf clubs.

Reservations for Flying with Golf Clubs on Spirit Airlines

Once you get conversant with these policies and the Spirit Airlines golf bag cost, you must look into making ideal reservations and arrangements for flying with golf clubs. 

So, when you plan to make your flight booking, you can get in touch with the airline’s customer service department directly. They will guide you with following the defined procedure. You may also be asked to look for the relevant option during the online booking process and specify that you will carry golf clubs on that particular Spirit Airlines flight.

This is a crucial step as advance notice about your golf clubs will enable the airline staff to make necessary arrangements or to accommodate your equipment. This is how you can avoid any complex situations occurring at the end moment at the airport.

Sometimes, it might also happen that Spirit Airlines can introduce exclusive schemes, seasonal discounts, or pricing offers, depending on your travel requirements in case of sports equipment. This could prove to be instrumental in choosing an economical way to take your golf equipment on a flight. So, you must be smart enough to gather all such relevant details and explore the available promotional offers, if any. 

Considering all such factors, diligently planning your travel with golf clubs, and making an informed decision can help you optimize your whole travel experience with Spirit Airlines.

Airport Check-in and Boarding Process with Golf Clubs

Carrying equipment to the airport, checking-in, and shifting the equipment to its designated place is definitely a task. 

Here are some tips to go ahead with a smooth check-in process at the airport:

  • Arrive early at the airport so that you have sufficient time for the check in of your golf bag or equipment. There could be certain mandatory formalities related to carrying such baggage that you might not be aware of. Thus, being there well in advance could help you efficiently manage the procedure at the airport without facing any chaos.
  • You must seek assistance from the airline staff and follow their advice regarding the transportation of golf equipment. Cooperate with them and have a healthy interaction so that your golf bag gets processed without any hassle. The staff may also let you know about any changes or updates made to the boarding process of sports equipment. 
  • When you proceed with boarding your flight, you must abide by the instructions issued by Spirit Airlines for properly placing your golf equipment in the predefined storage space or area. This will help prevent damage and ensure that your golf clubs will remain intact. 

Tips for Packing Golf Clubs for a Flight

Following certain tips to keep your golf clubs protected can help prevent damage that is usually associated with checked baggage. 

  • Purchase a good quality and durable golf travel case or bag with sufficient padding and support for your clubs. Golf clubs placed in a hard case get maximum protection against any pressure or compression. At the same time, the case must be such that you are able to handle it properly.
  • You must organize your equipment within the bag in such a way that it prevents shifting and damage during the flight. You can use headcovers or protective sleeves for woods and irons. Using extra cushioning or padding material could be helpful in minimizing the movement and friction between clubs. 
  • It’s better if you do not keep any accessories or loose items such as balls, towels, and tees, in the golf bag. This will help streamline the packing process and reduce the chances of damage to golf clubs or the bag.
  • Labelling your golf bag with clear mention of your name, contact information, and flight details is a great idea. This will prove to be helpful in tracking the bag in case it gets misplaced during transit. 
  • Click photos of the golf bag and the material placed inside it before you leave for the airport. This will serve as a proof of its original condition if you need to provide evidence to claim compensation for loss or damage. 

These packing and protection tips can help keep your golf clubs safe and secure. Putting in little effort in advance will ensure a stress-free travel experience for your entire journey. 

Concluding Thoughts 

In a nutshell, you are surely allowed to fly with golf clubs on Spirit Airlines but it is necessary to follow the defined policies. Since the airline permits you to carry golf equipment as checked baggage, you need to be aware of the size and weight allowed for the same. You must also be aware of the Spirit Airlines golf bag cost and additional charges applicable for an oversized or overweight bag. Besides, it is fruitful to follow certain tips to pack your equipment well and proceed with a trouble-free check-in process at the airport. Wish you a safe travel journey!

Frequently Asked Questions – Spirit Airlines Golf Clubs

We have addressed some of the major queries related to flying with golf clubs on Spirit Airlines.

Can you bring golf clubs on Spirit Airlines?

Yes, you can bring golf clubs as checked baggage on flights operated by Spirit Airlines. The cost along with size and weight restrictions defined for checked bags will be applicable in case of your golf bag.

How much does Spirit charge for golf clubs?

Spirit Airlines charges you the cost it has defined for checked bags. Besides, you also need to pay an additional amount for overweight or oversized golf bags just as checked bags. You can bring golf clubs weighing not more than 40 pounds. However, you need to pay US$79 more if their weight goes between 41 and 50 lbs. If the weight is from 51 to 100 lbs., you need to pay US$125 more.

What is the Spirit Airlines golf bags weight limit?

As per Spirit Airlines, you are allowed to bring a golf bag of up to 40 pounds (18.1 kg) of weight. Bags weighing more than the defined limit will incur additional charges.

What are the Spirit Airlines golf club fees?

The golf club or bag fees defined by Spirit Airlines is the same as that of the checked bags carried on its flights. You need to pay extra charges if your golf bag weighs more than 40 pounds.

Does Spirit Airlines allow you to bring a golf bag?

Yes, Spirit Airlines allows you to bring a golf bag, but as checked baggage. The cost factor, along with size and weight limitations defined for checked bags is same for golf bags.

Do golf clubs count as a checked bag on Spirit?

Yes, golf clubs packed in golf bags count as a checked bag on a Spirit Airlines flight.

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