Singapore Airlines Bangalore Office in India

  •    17 Park View, Near Queens Circle, Curve Road, Tasker Town, Bengaluru Karnataka 560051, India
  •    1800 121 212 (24 hrs), +91 80 4644 5100
  •    9:15 am to 5:30 pm (Mon - Sat)

Singapore Airlines is one of the top-ranked airlines in the world. Singapore Airlines Banglore Office is well-known for its exceptional services, luxurious cabins, and overall customer satisfaction. It serves and directs bookings, customer queries, and other necessary services such as pet travel, cancellation charges, seat upgrades, and many others. Passengers can easily reach out to the office in time. The office has a professional team and representatives to help customers with their travel needs. The airlines ensure customer satisfaction, whether a cancellation or flight change.

Singapore Airlines Office in Banglore Address

Singapore Airlines has an office in Banglore that offers its customers a variety of services. Singapore Airlines Banglore Office is located at 17 Park View, Near Queens Circle, Curve Road, Tasker Town, Bengaluru Karnataka 560051, India. The office’s working hours are 9:00 a.m To 5:00 p.m., from Monday To Friday. The passenger can contact the airline with the following information:

Official Singapore Airlines Websites:

Email:, (Lost and Found Office)

Singapore Airlines Number: 1800 121 212 (24 hrs), +91 80 4644 5100

Fax: +91 80 2286 7899


Planes And Aircraft Owned By Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines widely operates numerous aircraft and planes that take passengers to multiple destinations, allowing them to travel to their preferred locations. The following are the aircraft owned by Singapore Airlines:

Airlines A330-300,Boeing 777-300,
Airbus A350-900,Boeing 777-300ER,
Airbus A380-800,and Boeing787-10
Boeing 777-200,Boeing 777-200ER

Services Offered By Singapore Airlines Banglore Office

Singapore Airlines happily offers various services to enhance your traveling experience. Whether booking flights or managing reservations, this airline will provide the best-personalized assistance. Below are some major services given by Singapore Airlines Staff at the Banglore office:

Bookings and Reservation With Singapore

Singapore Airlines office in Banglore ensures their passengers are comfortable, convenient, and easy to travel. The airline has professional and friendly staff, and you will get all the essential information about the reservation from the office, which will make your booking easy. The experts are available for customers to make their traveling experience enjoyable. Visiting the office will let the passengers choose their preferred seating, meals, and other vital services to make their journey safe and homely. 

Canceling And Getting A refund

Singapore Airlines Banglore Office will always help you regarding cancellations and refunds. Understandably, passengers cancel the flight for specific reasons, so the office staff stands beside you to assist with customer service. If you wish to cancel the flight or the airline cancels the flight, the team will provide you with complete information on refunds and charges. You can cancel your ticket online if you have purchased it directly from Singapore Airlines on a refundable fare. Also, The cancellation fee will depend upon the class of tickets, destination, and days before your bookings.

Check-In Service by Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines is dedicated to making your terminal check-in experience simple and easy. If you wish to inquire about the check-in while planning to fly, the Singapore Airlines Office in Melbourne is ever-ready to help. Whether the information concerns check-in timings, directions, or other details, the expert team is committed to securing your traveling. Contacting or visiting the office for the upgraded information will be a better option.

Upgrade Your Seat With Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines has various seat upgrade options that depend on your original ticket’s availability and fare type. Singapore Airlines Office will guide you through the procedure if you prefer to upgrade your seat to a higher or premium economy class. To check the eligibility for a seat upgrade, you can directly contact the office or log in to your booking on the website. Always remember that seat upgrades are subject to the availability of the seat, so it is essential to check early and keep an eye on the special offers.

Baggage Allowance For Your Trip

Don’t let packing stress spoil your traveling excitement! Speak to the staff and know the baggage allowance of Singapore Airlines. Your checked baggage is based on the weight and upon your final destination. The airlines will mention the baggage allowance on your ticket. The passengers are strongly advised not to pack valuable and fragile items in their checked baggage. You can also purchase travel insurance that will cover delayed and damaged baggage before your trip. For most flights, baggage allowance depends on your cabin class and the specific fare type of your ticket. Customers can entirely rely on the Singapore Airlines Banglore Office for timely baggage delivery on their arrival.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the Singapore Airlines office located in Banglore?

You can visit Banglore’s well-established Singapore Airlines office at 17 Park View, Near Queens Circle, Curve Road, Tasker Town, Bangalore Karnataka, 5600251, India.

What services are available at the Singapore Airlines Banglore Office in India?

Singapore Airlines has world-class services; you can get information about flight bookings: baggage allowance, flight schedule, and pet travel.

What are the office timings to contact the Singapore Airlines office in Banglore?

You can contact the office from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, Monday to Sunday. 

What are the contact details of the Singapore Airlines Bangalore Office in India?

Follow the details to contact the airline’s office:
Official Singapore Airlines Websites, (Lost and Found Office)
Singapore Airlines Number: 1800 121 212 (24 hrs), +91 80 4644 5100
Fax: +91 80 2286 7899

Are there any cancellation charges on Singapore Airlines?

Singapore Airlines has the best cancellation policies for customers. The cancellation fee will depend upon the class of tickets, destination, and days before your bookings. You can claim a full refund if you cancel your tickets within 24 hours of your booking.

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